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As a business owner, you want to keep an eye on the dangers your business might face. While most business owners will do everything possible to ensure the security of their commercial premises, some essential things will not be catered for. Whether looking to secure sensitive or confidential information, your expensive equipment, or inventory, any commercial premise requires a robust set of locks. Some circumstances require changing the locks on your commercial building, and they could be diverse than you think. Below are reasons you might need a commercial lock change.

The locks are affecting employee productivity

Having a safe and secure business is ideal when working for your business. However, if the locks require a staff member to cease working and unlock the door for clients or other members, productivity is being affected. To increase employee productivity and convenience, you should consider changing your locks. Certain locks allow for remote opening, so the staff can open doors from their smartphones or desks. You can also opt for locks that open through key cards, allowing employees and clients to let themselves in or out of the business.

Our experienced and professional locksmiths can analyze your locking problem and make the ideal recommendations for your commercial premise that will keep the business safe and secure.

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Have you lost your keys?

Losing the keys to your business premise can be costly. When having employees who hold keys to the business, you’re more susceptible to lost keys. Replacing the keys isn’t an option because, depending on where they were lost, they could get into the wrong hands. Never leave the security and safety of your business to chance, call a locksmith in Pittsburg to change the locks on your commercial building to ensure peace of mind.

Employee changeover

One of the challenging and uncomfortable instances about running or owning a business is dismissing employees or layoffs. Even the most harmless-seeming former workers can be destructive. Call a professional locksmith to replace the locks immediately you have any employee turnover.

You have had a break-in

Buglers and trespassers who successfully enter your business premises not only destroy, or steal your equipment, inventory, cash, or more. They, also damage the locks and leave you feeling unsettled. For peace of mind, ensure the locks are replaced immediately following a break-in. This will help curb further criminal activity and losses. This will ensure your safety and that of your employees is restored.

Accessibility problems involving locked areas

Certain locks are more difficult to use than others. These are especially as they age and start showing signs of wear and tear. If you or your staff members have mobility problems or sore upper bodies, it can be difficult to maneuver going in or out of your business safely and securely. Hire a locksmith in Pittsburg to replace the locks with more accessible ones to eliminate any problems of being unable to lock or unlock the business.

You have moved spaces

With the hustle and bustle in moving, you can easily forget to replace the locks on the new business premises. Chances are high that you’re not the first one to have had entry access or a key to the new building. Realtors, contractors, previous occupants, and employees could still have the key. Replacing locks after moving is crucial to your safety while keeping your commercial building secure making the employees feel safe and valued. Therefore, when developing your moving checklist, include a call to a professional locksmith, to ensure you do not forget this key time to change or replace your locks.

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